Course Description

What do the parables mean? How did they function in the ministry of Jesus? What do they tell us about the Kingdom of God? How can we use them today? How should we respond? This course will introduce the parables of Jesus and examine them in the context of the Gospel of Matthew and Luke so we can explore how we should apply them to our lives today.

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Please read all the parables in Matthew and Luke.

Writing assignment (Minimum of three hand-written pages). Write about the time you heard a story that changed your life.What stories changed your life? Why? What truth and lesson did you learn? Did the story have a positive or negative effect on your life? How does it shape your life? Do you retell the story? How has the story changed? When do you share the story? And with whom do you share the story?

Internet access is very helpful. Print handouts will be kept at a minimum in order to keep copying costs to a minimum. Course notes and more will be posted on this web site ( Register and access these downloads. Please check the site weekly for the notes before coming to class. If there are any special topics you would like to discuss, please let me know by sending me an email (

Course Outline

June 21: Introduction to the Parables, Interpreting the Parables, and the Gospel of Matthew

June 28: The Parables of Matthew 13

July 5: The Parables of Matthew 21–22

July 12: Brief introduction to Luke and the Parables unique to Luke

July 19: The Parables unique to Luke

Course Documents

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