Isaiah, Justice and the People of God

Course Description

This course is a survey of the Book of Isaiah in its context. We will focus on select passages according to a sevenfold structure (proposed by Robert O’Connell) for its central message and key themes, motifs and imagery. Class time will be divided into three parts, lecture, discussion, and excursus during which we will discuss relevant topics such as Yahweh as Divine Warrior, Zion, the New Exodus, the Servant, exile and restoration, the light, etc. In our discussions, we will focus on issues of social justice that are prominent in Isaiah.

Learning Objectives

To better understand Isaiah in its original and NT context and the relevance of its message for today; to integrate Isaiah’s message into our attitudes toward life and ministry, particularly issues of justice, the gospel, and the church.

Course Outline

Class 1: Introduction to Prophecy and the Book of Isaiah
Class 2: Isaiah 1:1–2:5 and 2:6-21
Class 3: Isaiah 3:1–4:1
Class 4: Isaiah 4:2–12:6
Class 5: Isaiah 13:1–39:8
Class 6: Isaiah 40:1–54:17
Class 7: Isaiah 55:1–66:24
Class 8: Isaiah in the New Testament

Course Documents and Articles

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