Synoptic Gospels

Course Description

This course is an introduction, survey, and study of the Synoptic Gospels.

Course Objectives

To read, compare, and contrast the Synoptic Gospels in their entirety; To gain an appreciation for each gospel, its particular portrait of Jesus, and theological message; To identify key themes, motifs, and imagery; and to appreciate the various approaches
to the gospels.

Course Outline

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Class 1: Introduction to the Synoptic Gospels

Class 2: Gospel Criticism: Tools, Methods, and Books
Read “Gospel and the Search for Identity and Community”

Class 3: The Gospels in their First-Century Context
Read “The Jewishness of Jesus: Some religious implications for Christians”

Class 4: The Synoptic Problem
Read “The temptation narrative: a study in the use of Scripture by early Jewish Christians”

Class 5: The Use of Scripture in the Gospels
Read “Jesus and justice”

Class 6: The Gospel of Mark
Read Mark & “Narrative criticism and the Gospel of Mark”

Class 7: The Gospel of Matthew
Read Matthew and “The kingdom of God and the pursuit of justice in Matthew”

Class 8: The Gospel of Luke
Read Luke and “Proclaiming the righteous reign of Jesus: Luke 4 and the justice of God”

Course Documents

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