Course Description

The book of Daniel is a collection of stories about Daniel during and after the Babylonian Exile and a collection of visions of Daniel about the eschatological future of Israel and the nations. This course will survey each chapter for its significance in its biblical and ancient historical contexts and for an interpretation fitting for the black church and black experience through ancient wisdom and the lens of René Girard’s Mimetic Desire and the Scapegoat Mechanism. The study of Daniel is important for proper interpretation of the book of Revelation and the other New Testament books.

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Please read the book of Daniel at least twice. Complete all assignments. Follow attendance policies for attendance. Grades will be determined by the successful completion of these assignments and attendance.

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Course Outline

I. Introduction to Daniel and Apocalyptic Literature
II. Six Edifying Stories (Daniel 1–6)
III. Four Visions (Daniel 7–12)
IV. Daniel in the New Testament

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